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The business podcast for anyone looking to take their
game to the next level.

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In each Wild Cards episode, Tillo CEO and Founder Alex Preece is looking to expose, root out and understand what truly makes a person a Wild Card - an outlier that thinks differently and goes against the grain.

Alex will be talking to fascinating minds across many technology sectors, including entrepreneurs, game changers, record breakers, and everything in between. He’ll be delving into the latest industry trends and uncovering the stories behind the successes and failures of his guests, all the while discovering what made them into a Wild Card and how becoming one has helped them along the way.

Alex himself knows what it is like to be a Wild Card.

Alex started his career in the British Army and spent seven years jumping out of military planes and touring both Iraq and Bosnia on operational duty before founding and later selling the UK’s first daily deal business to moneysupermarket.com in a deal worth £11m. In 2016, he then went on to co-found Tillo, which quickly became one of the fastest-growing businesses in the gift card industry.
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The latest from Wild Cards

Paul Minter, Founder of UK Charity, Head Up - Wild Cards Ep. 5

Coming up next on the Wild Cards podcast, Alex Preece sits down with Paul Minter, the founder of Head Up, a mental health charity for the armed forces community.

Sam Thomas, trustee of the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity, interviews Alex Preece - Ep.4 Wild Cards

The tables have turned! In this episode of the Wild Cards Podcast, we have Tillo CEO & Co-Founder Alex Preece in the hot seat 🔥

Wild Cards Episode 3 Bonus Bite: James Little on founding the Affiliate Huddle

With this year’s Affiliate Huddle just days away, we’ve released a bonus Wild Cards episode with its organizer and founder, James Little, the Group Commercial Director of TopCashback.

Find out more about the company behind the podcast...

Today, Tillo has processed more than £2 billion worth of digital gift cards and, in doing so, has changed the way that gift cards are perceived by fintechs and the wider B2B community.

Thanks to Tillo’s innovative platform, gift cards have evolved from unwanted Christmas gifts and are now recognised as a powerful tool that can help companies to drive loyalty, acquisition and growth. You might even say they’re a Wild Card themselves - (see what we did there).