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Meet the Fintech companies revolutionising loyalty

...and supercharging growth

A revolution is underway in alternative payments,  driving fintech leaders to continue to innovate to boost growth and build lifetime value and loyalty.

A revolution is underway in alternative payments, driving fintech companies to continue innovating to boost growth and build lifetime value and loyalty.

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In a fast-moving world the difficulty for many brands is understanding and seizing the benefits of these payments, in order to both grow and retain customers. At Tillo we don’t overhaul your offerings - instead we enhance them.  It’s your brand, we’re just bringing new capabilities, plugging you into a new set of services, making anything possible.

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The challenge

For decades businesses have battled to balance the need to spend money, time and resource on acquisition with the need to spend time, money and resource on loyalty.

As the fintech space becomes increasingly crowded, fintechs are looking to leverage newer technologies to help them innovate and develop new, imaginative products.

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But for fintech leaders who are restless to take their business to the next level it’s a crowded market...


The solution

At Tillo we’re ending the battle between loyalty and acquisition.  Our platform enables you to incentivise new audiences and reward existing customers through bespoke rewards in the form of digital gift cards.

Our platform resolves two business headaches in one creative solution. It’s a platform that is easy to embed and your customers can use without hassle or delay, enabling continuous innovation and helping you to flourish and grow.

Create a "modern-day digital loyalty platform"

  • Add value to the consumer with a loyalty programme personalised to them.
  • Make your loyalty programme profitable to you and valuable to the consumer.
  • Enable customers to earn loyalty points automatically at the point they transact.
  • Make customer acquisition innovative and engaging.
  • Personalise the user experience so consumers can cash points onto digital gift cards with brands they love.
  • Make loyalty an embedded service tied to your offering.

One contract.

Case Study

Why a leading BNPL provider partnered with Tillo to drive loyalty, acquisition and growth.

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Tillo logoTillo is the loyalty and reward partner

Bringing one creative solution to solve two business problems and ending the battle between loyalty and acquisition. Powering your acquisition and loyalty initiatives with bespoke rewards in the form of digital gift cards.

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