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Powering a digital rewards program for Quidco, the UK's largest cashback provider

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Founded in 2005, Quidco is the UK's largest cashback website and Europe's largest cashback group. 


They provide the opportunity for their members to earn cash rewards at 4,500 retailers, they can then take that money out by bank transfer or convert it into a digital gift card.

Quidco introduced cash out rewards because they saw an opportunity to strengthen the relationships they have with retailers and drive more sales back to them, but also provide an opportunity for their members to earn an increased cash reward by incentivising the transfer of their cash into a digital gift card.

When they looked at introducing this capability a few years ago, the only way to integrate and provide a full proposition was to integrate to each of the processors individually or each of the retailers individually and that prospect was daunting.

Quidco recognised the opportunity presented to them by Tillo, when we showed that they could integrate to the breadth of retailers without having to do so on a case by case basis.

When they first launched with Tillo, Quidco asked their members which brands they wanted to convert their cash rewards into digital gift cards. Since then they have extended the breadth and depth of retailers, they have added food & beverage, retail, fashion and travel, but ultimately they are led by the demand from their customers.

Quidco track their gift card sales through a combination of their own internal wallet, but also the Tillo digital hub which they find is slick but simple. For example, they find the alerts feature really useful, as it provides the ability to understand when you are getting close to a funding limit on a gift card.

This is particularly useful when they are running a campaign and want to try and push spending through a particular retailer or brand via a digital gift card.

Overall, Quidco have found Tillo to be incredibly supportive when they have asked for new features and future development requests when they have needed them, and for that they are very grateful.

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