No more unwanted gifts - YouChoose is live on the Tillo network!

Posted on 11 October 2021 Read time 1 mins
Author Paige King

YouChoose is the multi-retailer gift card that takes the guesswork out of gifting by letting the recipient choose their perfect present. The card can be redeemed at a wide selection of the UK’s most popular brands across a variety of categories, both in store and online.

There’s no need to risk giving an unwanted present ever again!

YouChoose is a unique collaboration between the Tillo network and epay’s national physical gift card distribution chain.

The 4 cards, available across the network include:  

1. Access All

The recipient has access to over 50 brands across all the YouChoose categories.

Access all-03


2. Food & Drink

A culinary adventure awaits, recipients can choose their favourite restaurant, bar, or food outlet.




The perfect gift for those who love a day out, staycation or vacation.



4. Fashion & Beauty

Stay on trend, recipients can browse their favourite high street and online retailers.



To find out more, check out the YouChoose website or contact us if you are a retailer interested in becoming part of YouChoose.




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