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Meet the Team - Q&A with Operations Support, Marissa Randol

Posted on 20 September 2022 Read time 2 mins
Author Maria Khoury

Q&A with Marissa Randol, the Newest Member of Our Client Services Team

As our team continues to expand internationally, we took the opportunity to talk with Austin-based Marissa Randol, the newest member of our wonderful client services team and part of our growing presence in the US.


Tell us about your career background


I’ve been in the corporate world for the last three years, having originally moved to Austin to take up a Supervisor position in a retail store. When I arrived in the city, I found my role was no longer available – a challenge which soon became an opportunity when I moved into a sales specialist job and started on a journey to where I am today.

Moving forwards on my career pathway, I took on more responsibilities before finding a new role with Wix.com – a well-known cloud-based web development company. Whilst at working at Wix, I developed a passion for teaching my peers how to build and fix websites using the Wix platform, as well as creating and implementing solutions to tech issues that no one else could. This broadened my skillset and experience to take on customer service and tech support responsibilities and this was exactly what I needed when the opportunity to work for Tillo arrived.


What attracted you to the opportunity of working at Tillo?


There’s an interesting backstory that helped me build a connection with Tillo. At Wix, one of the areas we focused on was gifting around employee birthdays and other events, such as Christmas. As a large employer, one of the most effective ways to do this was through gift cards – it was very popular among the teams. Making the link between this really positive experience of gift cards in the workplace, building my career and the opportunity to work with major brands came together perfectly when I became aware of the role at Tillo.


What does your new role at Tillo involve?


I’ve been in my new role for about seven weeks, working in operations support. This includes focusing on core service desk tasks and also onboarding new customers. As such, I’m one of the first US-based members of the Tillo team, and it’s a really exciting time to be here.

The team has been so friendly and welcoming, and I’m really enjoying helping to build our company culture as an international business. My ability to provide excellent customer service extends to my vision and hope for what Tillo can achieve in the US. I want to be part of our US success story and make sure that people in Austin know it’s a good place to work with an incredible culture. All the elements for success are being put in place - Americans just need to hear about it!


And what does your arrival mean for Tillo customers?


One of the main benefits is that it broadens our support window to cover more hours across international time zones. That’s really useful for customers who are increasingly international, especially in the US, where we expect to see considerable growth going forwards.

And despite our many language and cultural similarities, I can add that extra local subtlety to our contact with clients. This has already helped improve the efficiency of communication here and is an important message to the market that we are committed to delivering an excellent service.

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