Introducing Elovo, business gifts with added lift

Posted on 1 October 2021 Read time 1 mins
Author Paige King

The wait is over... for the past six months our product and development teams have been busy working away behind the scenes on something very exciting and it’s finally time to show you all. Introducing Elovo, business gifts with added lift.

The reason we created Elovo is simple; as employees continue to work from home the traditional ways to reward and incentivise staff has changed. The Elovo platform is ideal for this new way of working. You can send a range of gifts and treats, from bags of coffee, bottles of wine and boxes of delicious chocolates directly to people’s homes – anywhere in the UK. 




Elovo for all 

Elovo makes gifting a pleasure for everyone involved, raising spirits and elevating company culture: turning ‘gifting’ into ‘lifting’. Elovo is ideal for anyone in any business who wants to say thank you for a job well done, congratulations or bye for now. It’s free to sign up and we don't charge a monthly fee. 

​​Head on over to the new Elovo website to find out more.


For Tillo partners

Whether it’s a wellbeing box or 1000 boxes of chocolates, with Elovo you can choose from hundreds of gifts - from artisan brands to highstreet names, there’s something for everyone!

Elovo is available now within the Tillo platform and can be installed quickly and easily in your account - just ask us for the API documents. 

Find out more here.


Tillo and Elovo CEO and Co-Founder Alex Preece has this to say about the launch:

“I am delighted and very proud to announce the launch of Elovo. We understand that as businesses continue to work remotely, they still need to reward their employees no matter where they are and this is exactly why we created Elovo. It’s a great solution for businesses of all sizes and for our existing partners who are looking to go that extra mile to say thank you to their staff, and more besides”


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