Five steps for retailers and partners to maximise ROI on Black Friday

Posted on 27 October 2021 Read time 2 mins
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“On the first week of November Tillo gave to me, five steps to ensure you get the most from Black Fridayyyy.”

Ok, so we may not be the best at jingles, but we can help ensure you get the most from peak trading in the lead up to Black Friday and this year, more than ever, we all know it’s crucial time for retailers. It’s less than a month away, so, are you ready to go?

In this blog we’ve outlined five tips for our valued brands and partners to ensure you get the most from the Tillo platform.  


I’m a BRAND, what can I do to maximise sales?


Set up your promotions and increase gift card sales by over 50%

Did you know that on average during promotions, we see the gift cards sold increase by on average 53%? The chances are that your Black Friday discounts and offers will have been planned for some time now, so, why not ensure that these promotions are set up in the hub as soon as possible?

This will ensure that partners are made aware of what you are offering well in advance of the big day in order for their customers to take advantage of them.

It’s also worth noting that data shows us that following promotional activity gift card sales stayed up compared to pre-promotion period, on average by 32%.

How to set up a sale or promotion


Review partner credit relationships

This could be a good time to review any brand credit relationships you manage through the hub. Make sure that the credit limits are up to date and any pending invoice payments have been approved. 


Are you up to date with your partner approvals?

Want to ensure you are connected with as many partners as possible to maximise sales? Check in with the account management team if you have any outstanding partner approvals.


Update our contact details

It’s crucial at this busy time of year that we and partner contacts can get in contact. If we, or they, can’t get in touch then it makes it harder for us to ensure that you are kept up to date with crucial information. Please take a look and ensure we have the right contact person/s for you. 

How to edit your brand contact details

Learning what worked well from past promotions

Learning from past activity is key to success for peak season this year. Consider what promotions worked well last year and what you could run again. Are there any specific partners you could reach out to run similar campaigns this time round?


I’m a PARTNER, what can I do to ensure a smooth peak season for our business and my customers?


Request your brands

If you haven’t done so already now is the time to request new brands. We’ve added lots of new brands in the last six months with more to come over the next few weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re live but, in the meantime, why not visit the hub and get requesting?

How to enable a brand


Update your information and overview in the hub

Ensuring that your information is as up to date as possible will ensure you stand out to brands. Have you uploaded your user journey and any case studies - these assets will help you ensure you can work with as many brands as possible.

How to update your information


Don’t be caught short over the festive season!

The hub allows you to set up in app reminders and email notifications so we can let you know if your float is getting low. 

How to set up fund alerts


Take advantage of brand promotions

We’ll be sure to let you know of any promotions brands are running this festive season so look out for notifications in the hub over the coming weeks to help your customers get the most from the brands they love this season.

Upcoming promotions


Payment cut off date for Black Friday

Keep your eyes peeled for a notification about the payment cut off dates for Black Friday in order for funds to be available in time (these will vary across currency). 

As ever, please do get in touch with any additional ways we can support you over the coming weeks and months, we want to help wherever we can. 

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